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My Story

I am a small town girl from Brits, North West, who moved to Pretoria at the age of 18, with no plan and my only source of income was from being a promotional model. I was just trying to find my place in the world by working at a couple of different companies, in different fields, from sales to receptionist to public relations.

I moved back and forth between Johannesburg and Pretoria more than I can count over the last couple of years. But I have now happily settled in Johannesburg for the last year and a half. I have always wanted to open up my own salon, but would only do so if I could offer something out of the ordinary.

At the age of 22 I had the opportunity to start studying Somatology. A few months in, I got bored and soon realised this wasn’t really for me. But, I wanted to finish what I’ve started, so I continued going to class, while looking into other things / services I might be interested in, I have always been passionate about eyebrows and watching videos of people’s eyebrows being transformed with make-up was just so satisfying to watch.

Then one day, I stumbled up on an Instagram video where a Microblading procedure was being performed. I was in awe and needed to know more about this procedure. I immediately started doing a lot of research and simply couldn’t get enough. I started googling courses, back then I think only 2 or 3 companies in South Africa were offering this service and training. It was a touch decision but I think I chose the right one, out of the ones that were offering training at the time.

After qualifying, I would practice and work on my technique every night, I soon started doing Microblading on friends and family members,  I would then post their before & after photos on social media and before I knew it, I started getting requests from strangers who had either seen on social media or they were friends of the  people who’s brows I have already done. I started taking appointments in between my Somatology classes, but soon became so busy that I quit my studies and started focusing on Microblading full time.

I started my business, Allure Defining Beauty in 2016, from home, with no business plan and not much in my pocket.  I had a shot in the dark and just went for it. I am still learning as I go. To me, being a Microblading expert / artist is something that I take very seriously.

I share a great responsibility for my client’s welfare and their results. I take pride in my work and will always try my absolute best to have my customers leaving 100% satisfied. What I love about my job and being a business owner is that it gives me scheduling and artistic freedom. I meet so many amazing people. I always try make my clients feel as comfortable as possible. The way some people open up to me with their personal matters, (some are going through some tough times and others are in a very happy place). But hearing everyone’s story and relating to it, is probably one of things I love most about my job. I hope to build a personal relationship with each to my clients and as much as I love meeting new people / clients, having old clients return for maintenance touch ups, is utterly satisfying.

It’s also a very rewarding industry, when it comes to the reveal of my clients new brows, seeing their faces light up, is absolutely priceless. I am talking about clients with alopecia or cancer; where they had very minimal to zero eyebrow hair, or even just clients that had very bad, uneven eyebrows, to now having amazing, even, natural looking brows. I been given the talent to change people lives, I am able to give people confidence by showing them just how important eyebrows really are and what a difference it can make to your face as a whole. It is a talent that I am extremely grateful for.

The freedom of expressing and developing my own artistic style means a lot to me as.  Being an artist in the field of permanent cosmetics is not easy. There are so many skills one has to acquire: professionalism, customer service, bedside manner, design, color, attention to detail, mastering the skin, and your technique. As with learning any new techniques or aftercare, unwanted healed results do happen occasionally. Most times they can be adjusted or corrected at the next visit.

Booking appointments and trying to keep a full schedule can also be a challenge when you’re starting out. However, I was very fortunate to not have that problem. I was able to get my name out there quicker than expected, without having to advertise a lot. My clients are mostly from word of mouth, which I personally feel, is the best form of advertising.

I hope to be doing this for as long as I possibly can, hopefully opening up a franchise and training centre, where I can share my knowledge, love & passion for this one of a kind art, with like minded people.

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